Hot Water in the Barn

It’s been about 4 months now since I started milking, with a bit of a break in between when Ava was dry, and it’s going very well.001

The beginning was quite challenging, but everything is running smoothly now.

One of the biggest hassles has been carrying hot water to and from the barn for cleaning Ava’s teats before milking, and for cleaning the milk machine after milking. It took several trips back and forth between the house and the barn before the milking and cleaning were done.

I had the whole process figured out though, and it was working just fine. Fine for an off-grid homestead. I mean, what can you expect?

Farmer Hick had been observing the whole situation and got to thinking……again. There’s nobody who does it quite like him. LOL

Yesterday he called me to the barn and showed me this….005

It’s a portable, on demand, tankless water heater.

He’d been talking about one for quite some time, but the price of one of these units used to be sixteen hundred dollars, until….they came out with this unit, which they offer at a fraction of the original price.

The water heater is an Eccotemp L 10 and was ordered from an Amazon seller. It produces 2-3 gallons of hot water per minute, and it takes less than 10 seconds for the water to heat up.

It’s connected to a small propane tank on one side, and the water hydrant on the other, one cold tap, the other HOT!

You need no electricity to run this water heater at all, it runs on two D cell batteries! We’ll see how long they last. lol

Farmer Hick hung the unit close to the laundry tub in the barn, connected the hoses and propane tank and showed me how to use it.

Today I set up a nice milk station in the barn, complete with pails, cleaning cloths, towels, dish soap and vinegar, strainer and funnel, everything I need for milking, filtering and cleaning.024

When it starts to freeze come fall we’ll have to shut down this on demand heating unit and go back to the hot bucket carrying method again. During winter our wood stove will heat the hot water I need, we always leave a big pan with water on the wood stove just for that purpose.

I’m sure impressed and happy with this summer method. It’s a huge improvement and works SO awesome. Morning chores, complete with milking and clean-up now take about 45 minutes. Totally doable.

What do you think?



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