Strawberry Season

The strawberries are ripe…and the plants are loaded!june 2017 012

Gorgeous, sweet and juicy berries.june 2017 001

We pick them every other day or so, The Writer usually does one row and I’ll pick the other. She loves strawberries, so it’s not a chore for her to pick them.

A lot of berries end up in the freezer for our morning smoothies all winter, but there are other things we like to do with the berries.

Of course we make jam, quite a bit of it.

june 2017 004

first batch of jam

A spoonful tastes so good in our homemade yogurt.


We like to make a couple of fresh strawberry pies as well. We all prefer our strawberries raw, so I came up with this simple recipe for pie, see below.june 2017 007

Quite a few berries never make it out of the garden actually. The taste of a ripe, juicy strawberry, warmed by the sun is almost overwhelming. Almost.

The wild birds try to eat the berries as well. They take a bite and then let that berry roll away to rot. It’s mostly the robins that are guilty of this but there could be other birds.

Well, I’ll get back to my strawberry work, there’s more jam to make and a pie to prepare.

Here’s that pie recipe:

For a simple fresh strawberry pie, prepare a graham crust, press into a pie dish, bake for about 10 minutes and let cool.june 2017 002

Once cooled, cover the crust with half a cup of cream cheese.june 2017 005

Then start cutting up strawberries, as many as you like.june 2017 006

For the final step, get out some strawberry jam and put a few spoonfuls over the berries, and spread it around a bit.

Chill for several hours.



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