Late Spring Garden Rush

You’ve probably wondered where I’ve been!?

Well, it’s been busy…what can I say.

Despite a mild winter and early spring, the real summer heat has mostly been absent here, we’ve also had a lot of rain. These conditions make it hard to get the garden all planted. Farmers here complain that they’re 2-3 weeks behind.

With springs like this, it seems everything always happens at once and it’s a mad rush to get everything planted, transplanted, cleaned up, pruned, etc. And on top of all that work the weeds come on with a fury.

At least the salad greens are doing well. Yum!

June 2017 001

first salad greens from the garden

So, I’ve been in the garden, mostly. LOL

Yes, the garden is all in and I can sit back and enjoy the green growth burst forth. Well…as long as I keep up with the weeding.

We’re trying a couple of new things this summer.

To help keep the tomato plants happy and healthy we’ve installed some cattle panels and plan on training the tomato plants upwards. We’ve always let the tomato plants sprawl every which way on the ground, this takes up a lot of space, decreases the airflow around the base of the plants making the plants more susceptible to disease, and you end up with dirty, sometimes chewed on, tomatoes (yes, even on the wood chips).

June 2017 003

our tomato alley

I’ll keep you updated on how this method is working on our homestead.

The other new thing we’re trying this year is pole beans. The very first year on our homestead we grew some Kentucky Wonder pole beans. They were absolutely delightful. First it was the beautiful blossoms I noticed with their very delicate color and scent, the row created a gorgeous hedge and the amount of delicious green beans we got off that crop was fabulous. However, our support fence was make-do, built haphazardly from left-over building supplies. It was a pain in the neck to construct and worse to keep in good shape once the bean tendrils started to climb. I always planned on growing pole beans again….but not on building another crappy support structure. Needless to say, with all the late spring/early summer rushing every year I never got around to pole beans again…until this year.

June 2017 004

future bean tunnel

This is what Farmer Hick and I put up this afternoon. The minute it was in place I got out my new pole bean seeds and planted them on each side of the cattle panel. Kentucky Wonder on one end, and a mystery pole bean on the other end. One of the senior I help look after gave me a small bag of seeds that she saved from the pole beans she still grew last year in her own garden. She couldn’t remember the name of the beans, so I told her if they grow for me I’ll name them after her. She liked that.

Now I look forward to seeing this arch slowly being covered, first with green foliage, then with delicious beans. I’ll be sure to blog about it again.

This will be all for today, gotta get back to work, but I’m challenging myself to blog more regularly so look forward to another post soon.




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