Funny Little Cow

It can be humiliating to be outsmarted by an animal…March 2017 ice cream and bread 019

Ever since Ebony arrived here on the homestead I’ve been trying to gentle her and get her used to me. She’s half Dutch Belted, half Jersey and is maybe a little more stubborn than her mom. She will be a year soon and will be bred sometime later this year, time to train her up to be a milk cow.

april 2017 023

my future little milk cow

Her halter was becoming very tight, I definitely think she’s had a growth-spurt lately. Farmer Hick thought it was restricting her movement so off came the halter without having a replacement handy. Ebony went without a halter for about a week…and maybe learned some bad habits.

Once the new halter came in the mail I tried to get it on her…..I’m still trying now. She’s a very smart little cow. I know some people don’t think that cattle are smart, but I’m telling you different.

Farmer Hick had locked her in the stanchion once without her being used to it. She remembers the stanchion as a horrible place….a prison perhaps. I have not been able to coax her near it again, not even with cow cookies!

I know how important it is to work with her, so I have to be more determined than she is.

Every day I try to give her a cow cookie through the stanchion. She won’t enter it, but today she finally came close enough that I could have locked her in. My plan is to feed her some goodies right in the stanchion every day, then when she’s very comfortable there I’ll try to lock her in. Once I’ve got her locked in I can then place the new halter on and her training can continue.april 2017 006

Wish me luck.


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