Spring Flowers

Finally….spring has sprung!016

For the last several weeks we’ve had lots of rain, even 1/2 a foot of snow and fluctuating temperatures. I wondered, like I do every year, if spring would ever come.

I think you’d probably enjoy a peek at the daffodils around here.009

Every fall I try to plant more, I love their bright, cheerful, yellow faces.003

There are a few hyacinths, they smell so good. I’ll need to remember to put more bulbs in this fall. 007

When the tulips open we get a more colorful palette, I’ll be sure to update you once they start blooming. Mysteriously a lot of the tulip bulbs have disappeared over the years, that’s why I like to add more of them each fall as well.

I can never resist cutting a small bouquet to admire inside.014

Spring flowers herald the growing season and the incredible amount of work that will now be done outside.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, know that I’m in the garden!!!!

Happy Spring everyone.


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