Pretty Things

This morning I got a beautiful surprise in the mailbox.


my new, embroidered tea towels

After 20 plus years of doing dishes most of my old tea towels are worn out, full of holes and beyond repair. I’d tried to replace them and bought several packages of tea towels over the last few years but the new towels were useless for drying dishes. Cheap is all they were!

Then, on Amazon, I found these flour sack tea towels, 100% cotton, 28 x 28″. The reports on them were great, so I decided to buy some, trouble was…they were awfully plain. I like pretty things so I asked my mom (who lives about 8 hours away from me) if she’d be willing to embroider some images on the tea towels. Mom has this amazing sewing/embroidery machine and she’s a whiz at decorating all sorts of things; sheets, pillowcases, towels, aprons, clothing and more. Well, she was game and emailed me some of her designs.  I chose all herb images because herbs are dear to my heart. Mom got right to it and seemed to enjoy herself, good thing too, I didn’t want her to feel like this was work, she assured me that she was enjoying this project.003

Trust mom to finish a project neatly and quickly! Didn’t she do a wonderful job?

I’m sure that drying dishes will be more pleasant with these pretty towels.008

My favorite towel is already waiting…006

I LOVE my new tea towels. Thanks SO much mom, you did a great job!




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