Good Bye Midnight

Today we took the bully back home.

Midnight was here for 2 months. We were hoping to get both our cows bred.


Midnight in the barn

When Midnight arrived he was very interested in McCalfry, the heifer. We figure she’ll have her calf next October. Her behavior towards her mom has changed, she treats her mother badly now, shoving and pushing her out of the way so she can get the best of the hay all to herself. I feel bad for the old girl, but what can I do?

Midnight tried to mount the older cow, Mimi, for two months but she wasn’t having any of it. She came in heat every 21 to 23 days but wanted nothing to do with Midnight. Now, I’m not one to ignore these observations and I figure Mimi knows best. She must know she’s too old or weak to deliver and feed a healthy calf. Too bad, she’s a beautiful cow with all the right Dexter traits. I would have loved to have a little one from her. We must wait for her daughter, McCalfry to give us another beautiful girl (I hope). I do not think Mimi is pregnant. I know she could surprise us yet, but…..

It took a while for us to get Midnight in the trailer. We lured him with green hay and soft apples, which he loves. He wanted at the hay very much yet it still took quite some time before he decided to step into the trailer.

Bully 002

Farmer Hick luring the bully into the trailer

Once Midnight was home he bellowed loudly and greeted his family (another Dexter cow and 2 calves) by nuzzling and huddling together. It was so sweet. I was happy to see him safely back home.

Now that the bully is gone I can get on with the business of gentling McCalfry and get her ready for our milking routine come fall. I’ll brush her every day, touch her all over so she gets used to being touched everywhere. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a halter on her soon, then train her. I have to try.

I’m thankful everything went well having Midnight here, no accidents, no surprises, no real trouble other than that first day.

We did end up losing a couple of trees that the family is quite upset about. One day Midnight got it in his mind to push over a beautiful 10 foot spruce tree that we had planted several years ago. Not only did he knock the tree over, he proceeded to eat the spruce tree until it was all gone! He also broke off and smashed a lovely choke cherry tree, the one which was so popular with the little birds last fall. I guess his horns were itching him some.

We’ll plant some more trees this spring.

Thank you Midnight, it was nice having you here for a while.


Midnight, the Dexter bull





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