The Way You Look at Things

I’ve never been fond of snow. Oh, it’s nice for the kids to play in, it can look pretty, and it’s nice to have some snow for Christmas but after the first month of snow I’ve usually had enough, and that’s too bad because where we’re located we’re normally completely snow covered from late November to early April! I’m not kidding.

Jan 2016 Winter 006

beginning of winter

The first few winters here were very difficult, mentally but also physically because of the constant snow removal that needed to be kept up. In no time we could be snowed in and cut off from everything. It didn’t help that, even though he had a good tractor, Farmer Hick disliked blowing snow because some months it became a daily chore.

Jan 2016 Winter 015

Farmer Hick blowing snow…again

We’ve been lucky this year, we had a green Christmas, mild temperatures and less snow than normal. Yeah!

Anyways, I dreaded winter those early years, all I could think about was how cold, miserable, grey and bleak life became. It’s easy to lose focus then.

Winter 2014 008

late winter

After four or five years of depressing winters I knew something had to change. We didn’t move or go on holidays (I wish)…….. No, I changed my mind!

Have you noticed how, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change?

The boring, cold, bleak and miserable winter now became a time for rest, a time to take up indoor projects and hobbies. I started thinking of snow as a soft, fluffy cover for my beloved gardens while they slept and rested. I started going for walks to feel the peace and stillness of a white world. Have you ever heard the sound of falling snow? Winter also became the snow shoveling gym, free to boot! The kids had hours of free fun, making sled runs off our roof, building snow forts and preparing for snowball fights. Winter is now the time to plan and get exited about new summer projects we want to tackle, time to plan that next garden and think about which other animals to add to the homestead.

Winter is still my least favorite season but I’m happy to take life a little slower and do more reading, knitting, sewing and playing piano than I usually have time for.

I still look forward to spring as soon as the snow starts flying, but winters are more tolerable now and hold a beauty of their own. I remind myself of Tasha Tudor (one of my heroes)  who liked to quote from Shakespeare:

“At Christmas I no more desire a rose

Than wish a snow in May’s newfangled mirth.”

For everything there is a season.


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