Stormy Weather Socks

Lately I’ve been a little distracted…


my new socks

Years ago, I used to knit quite a bit, I found it relaxing yet at the same time creative because of all the nice things I was able to create. I’m not sure why I was never able to get back into it, however…I seem to have the bug again! The knitting bug that is.

I started knitting a pair of socks last week and spent quite a bit of time knitting. They’re finished now and I love them! They’re cute, comfy and warm. They feel good.


toasty feet

My grandma used to knit socks for the whole family, most of us wouldn’t wear them daily, but her homemade socks had a way of making one feel better, warmer and cozier. I’m sure that with every stitch she knit she’d infuse her love right into her work.

Grandma’s been gone for several years now and her socks are wearing out. I still have one pair that I only wear when I feel absolutely miserable (like with the flu that went through our home a few weeks ago), I hope grandma’s last pair never wears out, they’re that special to me.

It was time to knit some replacement socks to wear in the evenings or for when it’s extra cold and stormy outside, and I’m happy to say that it was easy, fun and most definitely a great winter project.

While my socks are comfortable and do the job of warming feet nicely….they’re still not as special as grandma’s socks!

What does this post have to do with homesteading anyways? Well, if you like to do things for yourself, like most homesteaders do, you’ll realize very quickly what an incredible workload people used to have. Back in the days when people had large families it was the woman’s job to knit socks for each member of her family. Before she could begin those socks, a sheep would have to be sheared, the fleece gently washed and dried, then carded to separate the fibers, then spun into yarn, then the yarn would have to be plied to make it sturdy enough for a pair of socks. Most of us have forgotten all this knowledge, we just go to the store when we’re in need of new socks. I’m glad we have this option, but it’s good to know how to make things from start to finish, and…..those homemade socks sure are special.




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