Just start somewhere

Have you ever wanted to tell a story but hesitated because you didn’t know where to begin?

Just yesterday I read a great quote! It goes as follows, “A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or which to look ahead.” -Graham Greene

What a wonderfully interesting (and true) thought. I couldn’t get it off my mind yesterday. It encouraged me to just start writing about our off-grid homesteading adventure. For years I’d been wondering how to start telling about it all; do I start at the beginning or do I break it all up under different headings, should I write a book or start with a blog? And then it was back to wondering where to begin, not getting started at all.

Homesteading seems to be very popular these days and people have lots of ‘how-to’ questions. The internet has been great for that, you can find answers to any question. I may have some answers to your questions as well, but mostly I write for creative outlet.

And yes…I will just start somewhere.


our evolving off-grid underground home

I hope you find my musings interesting, and if you’re encouraged or inspired, well….even better!



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